Experience of use Arthrolon

Experience using Arthrolon cream from Irina from St. Petersburg

Recently my elbow joint has become inflamed. Very unpleasant thing: it's good not to move your hand, it hurts right away. It spoils life a lot, you have to be careful not to make sudden movements, use almost one hand.

Diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the elbow. The doctor advised Arthrolon joint cream, explained that it is a modern effective remedy, but it is often counterfeit, so it is necessary to buy from the official website. I found the official site and ordered - very quickly a beautiful tube arrived and started using it.

experience of using arthrolon cream

How to use the cream?

It's very simple: rub a sore spot three times a day. The main thing is not to miss.

I did it, and every day it got easier. The pain and swelling went away. Now almost a month of use has passed, I am finishing the course and my elbow hardly hurts. I can move my arms normally and lead a fulfilling life. The doctor said that after the end of the main course it is possible to continue to smear the elbow - as a preventive measure. I think I will do it.

In the meantime, I have decided to share my experience of using the cream, because it has been a very positive experience. This tool really works!