Instructions for use Arthrolon

Arthrolon joint cream: how to use it

The instructions for using Arthrolon cream are very simple. A small amount of the substance is squeezed into the palm and rubbed on the skin of the damaged area. The procedure must be carried outthree times per day. . . The drug has a cumulative effect, so it should be used as a treatment. The course lasts one month. After a few months, it is recommended to repeat the course to consolidate the effect.

In addition, the cream can be used to prevent joint disease.

instructions for use of arthrolon cream

Indications for use

Rheumatologists in Poland recommend using the cream in the following cases:

  • In the presence of diseases such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis;
  • In the presence of injuries of the spine and joints;
  • In the presence of prolonged physical exertion;
  • When you lead a sedentary lifestyle.


Individual intolerance to incoming components.